Schweppes International: Leadership coaching - intensive program

This leadership program is designed to help the senior managers increase Self-knowledge. Through personal feedback instruments, personal coaching, individual activities, practical cases, role-play and in-depth discussions Self-knowledge will improve.


The objective of this program for the manager is to gain a perspective of him- or herself as a company leader and to adopt the important skills to bring about results. This program will concentrate on challenging, change-enabling aspects of the manager´s work.


It contains key concepts, state-of-the-art knowledge and insights, all meant for the manager to use as a resource to increase the personal leadership qualities and to achieve a direct positive impact on the team or organisation the manager is leading.

Goal of the program

The main goal of the program is to provide access to higher levels of thinking, by which the manager can add a new dimension to his or her career. At the same time the added value that the manager brings to the company will notably be increased. One will see that, as a result of the program, the manager will work more effectively. The manager will be able to better motivate and engage people and build a true team, mobilizing all available support from within the company to reach the desired team and organisation goals.


Experience proves that participants in this leadership program reach their goals twice as fast as expected before they started the program. Moreover, they experience more fulfilment in their job because they have consciously chosen for a convincing direction and have brought balance between the ´hard´ and ´soft´ aspects of the job´s roles and responsibilities.


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